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Train In Iowa with the Following Men

Train With TS Aggressor and Impact Pro Wrestling

TS Says:  I have been involved with the Midwest professional wrestling scene for 8 years, dating back to my initial training in Minneapolis, MN. I was trained by 2 time Pan-American Gold medalist, Brad Rheingans, Wayne “the Train” Bloom, and “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig. My wrestling resume includes wrestling in 8 different states across the Midwest for various independent promotions. I began training 5 years ago and have trained a dozen wrestlers, most of which are still active on the independent wrestling scene.

The Impact Pro Wrestling Training Camp is held in Algona, IA on weekends(to allow everyone to sustain their day jobs). The cost is $1,500 up front and the training is expected to last between 3-6 months(depending upon the progress of the individual student).

Students of the IPW camp should not expect and needlessly painful chop drills or “Tough Enough” style conditioning. It is my belief that it is the student’s responsibility to work on their conditioning on the days they are not at camp. The camp is designed to teach all aspects of putting on entertaining matches: bumping, highspots, heat, comebacks, hot tags, brawling, holds, movement, selling, feeding, body language and the psychology to put it all together.

This is an Impact Pro Wrestling Camp, which means students will work towards bookings on many of the various shows run by Impact Pro Wrestling.


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