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NWA No Limits Wrestling

NLW Aftermath on 8/20 in Rock Island, IL


Match #1

 The All-Stars (Bryce Benjamin & Chandler McClure) defeat Joey E. & Kid Krazy, Mickie Knuckles & Daizee Haze, and Trik Davis & Icarus in a four team elimination match at 8:56.


Crowd was hot from the start. Joey works with Icarus, giving the winged warrior a monkeyflip and a nice dropkick. Krazy gets in the ring and brawls with Trik Davis. They shake hands after
a nice sequence. Krazy gives Icarus his sitting sidekick, which gets a huge pop! Joey gets in and gives Icarus some stiff forearms and his catapult basement dropkick, which also drew a good crowd reaction.  However, Mickie Knuckles makes a blind tag. She enters the ring and hits Joey E. with a Shining Wizard and pins him at 7:16. Trik Davis tags in, trying to tell the girls he doesn’t want them to get injured. The All-Stars pin Trik at 8:07. The All-Stars then beat on the girls, as Bryce Benjamin pins Knuckes; however, Daizee Haze has a pinfall on McClure at the same time, but the ref doesn’t see or acknowledge her pin. Good match, great opener as the crowd was hot throughout.

Match #2

 Chris Hero (w/ Lacey) defeats J.C. Bailey at 14:12.


Plenty of reversals and armbars. Hero reverses a cravat into a sideslam. Hero gives Bailey a double chickenwing, then folds him in half, with Bailey’s legs behind his head! Bailey comes back with a spinning neckbreaker and a plancha over the top rope onto the floor. They exchange stiff forearms. Bailey gets a couple nearfalls after a side Russian leg sweep and a missile dropkick.
But in the end, Hero ties Bailey into an STF variation, and Bailey taps out. Good match.

Match #3

Jimmy Jacobs defeat Danny Daniels at 15:22.


Very good match; perhaps the best live match I’ve seen from Daniels. Jacobs’ character is in an identity crisis; he no longer comes out as the “Barbaric Berzerker.”  Tonight, he came out to a tune of Fraggle Rock. Daniels turns an airplane spin into a faceplant. Daniels has loud chops and a dropkick. Daniels hits an impressive running Ligerbomb for a nearfall. Jacobs gives Daniels a backbreaker over his knee, and Jacobs sells that his own knee is injured from the move. Daniels drops Jacobs’ neck on his knee. OUCH! Jacobs hits an Unprettier faceplant for a nearfall. Daniels hits a tombstone piledriver for a nearfall. Jacobs wins it with a hurricanrana into a rollup.

Match #4

Matt Sydal defeats Delirious and Justin Kage in a three-way at 6:52 to retain the Midwest X Division Title.


This was good; it was a sprint with non-stop action. Delirious dives through the ropes onto both guys on the floor. We have a cool spot where Delirious has Kage tied up, and Sydal
then gives Delirious a tarantula in the ropes at the same time. Sydal gets a victory roll on Delirious for a nearfall. Delirious hits his Shadows over Hell frogsplash on Sydal for a nearfall. Sydal eventually stacks both Kage and Delirious, then hits an amazing shooting star press for a pin on Delirious to end it. Just a sprint, and it felt longer than this. Fun match.

Match #5

Homicide defeats Ian Rotten at 17:46.


Good match. They shake hands at the start, as Ian says he’s determined to hang with, and wrestle with, Homicide. Lots of mat holds, and a slow pace to start. They do a test of strength, which leads to them hitting dueling headbutts, and both fall down. The match picks up at 6:00 with hard chops and exchanging forearms.  They brawl to the floor. Ian grabs a chalkboard from a fan and cracks it over Homicide’s head. Back in the ring, Homicide ties up Rotten’s legs, and applies a Rings of Saturn/double chickenwing, and Ian taps out.


Match #6

Colt Cabana vs. Arik Cannon wrestled to a 20-minute time limit draw.

Cabana is goofing around early. The crowd chants “Cannon sucks,” as he is definitely the heel of the night. Cabana keeps getting out of Cannon moves
and tossing him with deep armdrags. Cabana applies a bear hug. Cabana wore glasses throughout the match. Cannon goes for an eyepoke; and the crowd
chants “Cannon’s stupid” because the glasses blocked the move. Cabana hits Cannon with some hard chops. Cannon grapevines Cabana’s leg with a bridge.
At 18:00, they are brawling on the floor. Cabana hits a Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall. Cannon misses a Glimmering Warlock/kick to back of
the head, and Cabana immediately puts Cannon in a camel clutch. Just as it appears that Cannon would tap out, the bell sounds, and we have a draw.
Good match. Cannon gets on the mike and declares himself the winner, as he knew there was a time limit, and Cabana didn’t, and Cabana wasted too much
time and couldn’t get the job done.

Match #7

Nate Webb pins B-Boy at 17:23.


Great match, and my personal pick for match of the night. Both get great pop and reaction to their diverse music intros. Crowd chants for both wrestlers. Webb hits a hurricanrana and some deep armdrags. B-Boy comes back with a spinning neckbreaker, hard chops and stiff kicks to the spine. They exchange hard forearms. B-Boy puts Webb in the corner and nails him a running basement dropkick to Webb’s head!  Webb comes back with a spin kick to B-Boy’s head and an eye of the hurricane/spinning faceplant. B-Boy hits an Alabama Slam for a nearfall.  There is a ref bump at 13:00. Webb ties B-Boy in a tree of woe and puts a
chair over B-Boy’s face. Webb then hits an awesome moonsault Van Terminator into the chair. B-Boy comes back with a shining wizard for a nearfall. But Webb wins it with his Soilent Green, spinning head plant. They hug after the match.

Match #8

Ryan Boz defeats B.J. Whitmer at 9:33 to retain the NWA: Iowa title.


Hard-hitting first minute with stiff chops and punches. Whitmer gets a backslide for a nearfall. Whitmer hits a backbody drop, and a series of rolling suplexes,
then an enziguri. Finish comes with Boz hitting a sitdown piledriver, then putting his feet on the ropes for the pin. Ok match; they had a tough slot on the card after the amazing match before them. Boz beats down Whitmer after the match; Webb makes the save.

Match #9 (Main Event)

CM Punk defeats A.J. Styles at 25:45 in a best of three falls match.

Crowd alternates with the “Let’s go A.J.” “Let’s go Punk” chants. Good reversals. Styles plants some hard kicks to Punk’s thighs. Styles dropkicks Punk on his face. Out of nowhere, Styles rolls up Punk for a pinfall at 9:34.

The match continues immediately, and Styles misses a Stinger splash in the corner, striking the corner quite hard. Punk repeatedly headbutts Styles
in the stomach. Punk misses a Shining Wizard, and fights out of a Styles Clash attempt. Styles does a plancha onto Punk on the floor. Punk gets in
the ring first. As Styles tries to enter, Punk catches him with a hard running knee, that sends Styles back to the gym floor. Ref counts to 10, and Styles loses the second fall at 16:00.

We continue, tied at 1 fall, with them exchanging stiff forearms. A.J.  its a pumphandle back slam for a nearfall. Punk throws Styles in the air,
and Styles comes down hard on his face and stomach. A.J. gets a dragonscrew legwhip, and works over Punk’s ankle, but Punk reaches the
ropes. They brawl on the top rope in the corner. We have a tease of a Styles Clash, but Punk fights out and hits a top rope Pepsi Plunge for the
win. Awesome stuff.